Who doesn't love a spot of whimsy hanging from their walls?! This tutorial will show you how to make a double sided fabric pennant banner.

DIY Tutorial How to make a fabric pennant banner

Step One: Gather your necessary supplies. You will need:

* 28 six inch squares

*1 package double wide double fold bias tape

*sewing machine

Supplies to make a fabric pennant banner

Step Two: Prepare your squares to become triangles.

Put two squares right sides together & line them up as good as you can.

fabric squares

Fold the square in half & iron the fold.

You will end up with 14 folded sandwhich squares.

Step Three: Turn your sandwhich squares into triangle sandwhiches.

You will angle your ruler starting at the fold on the top & the outer corner on the bottom, like this:

cutting fabric triangles

If you were to open up your triangle sandwhiches you would have the middle piece & two waste pieces.

You will end up with 14 triangle sandwhiches.

Step Four: Now it is time to turn these triangle sandwiches into triangle pockets *smiles*

You will sew up the right side & then up the right side.

Step Five: Prepare your triangles for turning them right side out by snipping the points off of each triangle pocket.

Step Six: Turn each triangle right side out. Using a pencil or some other object work the points out gently too. I like to use a hemostat for this portion of the project.

Step Seven: Press each triangle neatly.

Step Eight: This step is optional, but I like to top-stitch each triangle.

Step Nine: Mark a starting point about 12" into the bias tape to leave room for tying it up.

Step Ten: Sew the triangles into the bias tape.

You will simply slide the fat portion of the triangle into the bias tape so that the edge of the triangle matches up with the fold in the bias tape.

Maybe this is a better picture.

Now you are simply going to sew the triangles in as I have described. I like to leave about an inch between each square. I just eyeball it as I am sewing.

sewing machine

Step Eleven: Your done!! Enjoy your pretty new handmade fabric pennant bunting!!

fabric banner pennant flat bunting in pastels and polka dots